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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Fomo Flux offer a free trial?

Yes, Fomo Flux is free for a limited number of impressions. Our other payments are divided into monthly and annual plans that are pocket friendly. 

How To Get Started With it?

Click here to find comprehensive information on how to get started with this crisp and clear Documentation.

What is Social Proof Marketing?

Social Proof marketing is the use of elements of evidence that other people have purchased and found value of your product or service. It is a great way to increase conversations because more people are likely to purchase a product that other are already purchasing. 

On your site, some of the elements of social proof that Fomo Flux can use include testimonials, random product reviews and customer lists. All these elements will help build trust and convey value hence improving conversion rates. 

When does Fomo Flux reset my monthly plan?

The date of your monthly plan reset is depended on the date when you signed up. The subscription plan will provide you with the exact dates your plan will be reset. It’s always placed below the current plan 

Can I display recent sales before I start making any?

This service works on live data. Immediately there are new events on your site, Fomo Flux will display them. Therefore, if you need data on recent sales, you have to have real data on your site. 

Can I stop using Fomo Flux?

Yes, our services are provided as per the client’s likes. Whenever you need to stop or remove our services from your site, your plan will provide you with that option. If you face any issues, try to remove our services from your site, feel free to contact us. 

However, it’s in rare cases that clients will feel like they do not need Fomo Flux. We provide authentic real-time social proof for your site. This way, we build trust for your brand and urge customers to act on their Fear of Missing out!

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