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This is a quick post related to how you can add pixel code from conversion panel to any website.

First of all, you need to log in to your Conversion Panel account. Click here to register, if you don’t have an account. Then you need to click on “Create Campaign” to add your domain.

Connect Platforms

Connect your site built on any platform with just a single line of code in the <head> section.

1. After login, click on CREATE CAMPAIGN +

2. Add your Domain. And click “Create”.

3. Install Pixel on Your Site ?

Conversion Panel will pop up with a pixel code like this:

Add this code before the closing of the </head> tag on your website. Make sure you add the code where all your pages load that particular code, for the conversion panel script to be available on your complete website.

4. You're Done ✅

Now you’re all set to create amazing FOMO, Lead Generation, Informational and many more notifications

Create Notification ?

Create amazing FOMO, Lead Generation, Informational and many more notifications using the intuitive Live builder on Conversion Panel.

1. Select Campaign, & choose the type of Notification you wish to create.

2. Customise the Notification your way.

3. Turn the Notification Toggle 'On'

Track Statistics ?

Track comprehensive statistics for the notifications that you created.

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