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The concept of social proof and FOMO determines the buying choice of many customers in the digital world. To understand the need for social proof, imagine yourself looking for an online store for shopping. Since you cannot see have the product at hand, your final decisions rely on customer comments on the product. That is the concept of social proof. 

That is why our main objective at the Conversion panel is to help all businesses employ social proof on their business to increase popularity, create more leads, and tell their brand story.

The Power of FOMO

Currently, the power of social media has made FOMO a big part of everyone life. People Fear Missing Out on updates as well experiences. 

Instead of using FOMO as a point of comparison, entrepreneurs have a chance to persuade customers to buy. Additionally, they can also use FOMO to make customers participate in events, coupons and important business competitions. 

At Conversation Panel, we tap into the power of FOMO and display messages regarding stock changes, coupons in order to encourage customers to take action. 

FOMO allows you to push customers to make purchases when you have a “sold out soon” notification or get new sign-ups when you are giving out gifts. 

What is ConversionPanel?

Conversation Panel is a web-based service that helps your business generate leads and feedbacks by adding a powerful notification to your website. 

The most successful ecommerce business has been using the effects of social proof and FOMO to engage users. 

A conversion panel helps create the same and make it possible to increase the reputation for your brand. Our tools bank on customer feedback, customers sentiments and social notifications without sounding aggressive. 

Our team of experienced developers ensures that they stay up to date on new ways to create customer engagement, drive performance numbers, and develop an effective feedback loop. 

If your main goal is to sell products or simply let people know your brand values, Conversions Panel should be your boon to survival. Some of the major ways that the Conversation panel can help you include;

  • Develop a trust-based relationship between you and customers through social proof or FOMO.
  • Exclusively improve your business through customer feedback.
  • Draw attention to your products with Conversion’s real-time notifications and increase your sales.
  • Create announcements and communicate important information to your customers. 
  • Create a trust-based following hence increasing your sales. 

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